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Tips For Wearing Shapewear Right

Shapewear is now a constant in many wardrobes. Many women at least have one of these garments in their closets. Shapewear offers the promise of a smoother silhouette and a huge boost in confidence. These garments will help you feel more comfortable, no matter if you are wearing something for a special occasion or your everyday attire.

The reality is that new arrival shapewear has become a valuable tool for so many people around the world. But for those who want to enjoy all their benefits and avoid failures, it’s important to follow the next tips to wear shapewear right and make it a pleasant experience.

What should you do?

One of the first things you should do is choose the size right. If you choose a smaller size than your measurements, you won’t really get any better results. The only thing you will be getting is discomfort, bulges and probably restricted breathing too.

It’s important to take accurate measurements of your thighs, waist, and hips and then refer to the sizing chart that the brand provides to ensure a proper fit. Another thing you have to do is to consider your outfits. There are different styles that will cater to different target areas and clothing types.

For example, when wearing tight-fitting clothing, make sure you get seamless shapewear from the best shapewear and waist trainer vendors, so you can prevent visible lines. If you need extra support in your midsection, then a high-waisted brief could be ideal.

It will be generally easier to start putting on your shapewear from the bottom and work the way up. Step in it gradually pull it up, and make sure it smoothly sits on your skin without rolling or bunching. It’s also important to focus on the areas your shapewear is targeting.

Don’t forget to identify your target areas and choose shapewear that has been designed to address them. And then, don’t hesitate to experiment with styles. This way you’ll be able to identify what really works best for you. Some people prefer overall shaping and support while others opt for individual pieces. Always consider your comfort level as well as the level of compression and the areas you want to target with these styles.

What shouldn’t you do?

Something you should never do when it comes to shapewear is sizing down, as this is a very common mistake that leads you to unflattering results and discomfort. Always buy pieces that are true to your size or what the manufacturer's size guidelines show. Remember that shapewear has been designed to enhance and smooth your natural curves and not drastically change the shape of your body.

Sometimes you might feel that getting the highest level of compression available is the way to go when you are expecting to get the maximum slimming effect. But the reality is that you need to be cautious with over-compressing. If your body gets too much pressure, it can restrict the blood flow, causing discomfort and possibly leading to some health issues.

Don’t forget that having proper hygiene is essential, especially if you are going to wear them for extended periods. Always make sure you are following the care instructions the manufacturer provides you. Usually, these instructions will include washing the pieces in cold water and letting them air dry. And, please, avoid wearing your shapewear for a few consecutive days without cleaning it, because it will trap bacteria and sweat and this will create odor and irritation.

Shapewear has been designed to shape and sculpt your body, but you should never underestimate your comfort. If you ever experience discomfort, pinching, digging or even difficulty breathing it is usually a sign that it is not the style or fit for you.

And finally, avoid visible lines. To avoid them, choose pieces that have laser-cut edges and flat seams. make sure you opt for skin tone colors that will match your skin color minimizing the risk of your shapewear showing through your clothing.

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